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Limitations of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Le 20 octobre 2017, 12:43 dans Humeurs 0

With the progress of society and people's living standards are getting higher and higher requirements of the process is also higher and higher, the upgrading of the process is essential, especially in some industries generally use high power laser cutting equipment for processing Materials have been a huge return after some of the laser cutting machine in contact with the industry have also begun to contact the laser companies to seek cooperation, but the laser cutting machine is not a panacea, but also by some material restrictions can not be processed.

Many people think that fiber laser cutting machine is cutting machine category, and the use of imported lasers, cutting range should be very wide, the effect should be much better than other ways, it is not true, cutting machine also has a special type of points, which cutting equipment To achieve the cutting of common materials? The mainstream of the market which equipment? The following Guangzhou Aoling NC for everyone to conduct a detailed analysis.

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The challenge of green laser pointer welding of copper is related to the two main physical properties of the material: the low absorptivity of most high power industrial lasers and the high thermal conductivity in the process. The absorption rate of copper increases as the wavelength decreases, which means that the visible band of lasers for copper soldering will have a significant advantage, but for most of the welding applications the required power range of these lasers is not yet available or has not yet been industrial verification. Infrared lasers have an absorptivity problem when handling solid materials. If the material is melted or evaporated by deep welding, the absorption rate will increase significantly.

The main market is used as cutting machine cutting machine is the mainstream of fiber laser cutting machine, its cutting a wide range of cutting speed, cutting effect is good, maintenance-free and other excellent features are widely used. In particular, the metal sheet metal cutting, fiber laser cutting machine has the advantage. Although the fiber laser cutting machine has many excellent features, but he is not a panacea, there are still many materials that can not be cut, then the fiber laser cutting machine which materials can be cut, and what materials can not cut it?

First of all we need to be clear that fiber blue laser cutting machine is a category of metal cutting machine, it is generally only used to metal processing, non-metallic materials can not be processed, such as stone, cloth, leather and other materials. The reason is that the wavelength range of the fiber laser cutting machine is no longer within the absorption range of this type of material, or is not suitable for absorption, can not achieve the desired effect.

Followed by fiber laser cutting machine can not be cut on the MDF, fiber laser cutting machine is hot, cutting the density board will cause burning, so that trimming will burn, can not meet the cutting requirements. This type of material is mainly fiberboard, wood fiber, plant fiber raw materials, and some are the application of urea-formaldehyde resin, made of synthetic resin and other materials. These types of materials belong to the scope of MDF, is currently unable to use fiber laser cutting machine for processing.

There are some highly reflective materials, such as copper and other rare metal materials, this type of material although able to use fiber laser cutting machine for cutting, but because of these materials for the laser wavelength is not the ideal absorption range of these materials, will reflect Part of the energy burned to protect the lens, which is also need to pay attention.

Currently on the market of fiber red laser pointer cutting machine equipment is mainly for the thin plate cutting, cutting in the 16mm below the advantages of thin plate is very obvious, and in the cutting plate when the efficiency is relatively low, which is subject to the power of fiber lasers. Of course, technology is in constant development, I believe that in the near future we can see Guangzhou Aoling NC production of fiber laser cutting machine can cut thick plate.

Optimization of Tooling for Laser Welding

Le 4 octobre 2017, 11:42 dans DIY 0

In the welding process found that the replacement of different welding products, laser welding initial proofing time-consuming, mass production process by the accuracy of parts of the weld quality instability and other issues. By optimizing the design of the corresponding tooling to reduce the automatic welding of the proofreading time to ensure the quality of weld and mass production needs. With the rapid development of industry, laser welding technology in the machinery, rail vehicles, automobile manufacturing, electronics and aerospace has been widely used. When using existing blue laser welding equipment, it is found that it takes a lot of time to calibrate the initial welding points of the parts during the replacement of the different welding products during the welding equipment. In addition, when the welding spot is limited by the size of the laser spot, Repeated positioning accuracy requirements are high, so the parts of a process of processing accuracy requirements are relatively increased, thus increasing the processing costs.

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Despite the faster cutting speed and higher productivity of high-power solid-state lasers for metal 2D cutting, most metal manufacturers are excited, but it is still costly to control and manipulate the power of such lasers. Machine tool manufacturers continue to introduce higher power lasers. But in order to give full play to this advantage, they need to design to meet the harsh requirements of the laser system. The machine itself must be able to control the changes that occur with this high power cutting to ensure that the machining is not only fast and reliable, so that the manufacturer can take full advantage of the performance of the laser.

Laser welding system is through the robot to drive the welding parts of the welding parts, welding the initial point of the collection is equivalent to CNC machine tool processing parts of the knife, a direct impact on the subsequent parts of the processing accuracy. The main factors that affect the quality of red laser pointer welding are laser power, spot size, welding speed, shielding gas, parts precision and surface quality. Among them, the size of the focus spot in the focusing lens focusing radius for the value of the premise, by the welding head and part of the weld distance decision.

In the mass production process, due to the deviation of the location of the product itself, even if the initial calibration of the welding and then accurate, there is still welding bias, missed welding phenomenon, thus increasing the laser weld tracking system. The laser weld tracking system detects the trajectory of the weld by the laser vision sensor, calculates the weld deviation using the image processing software, and then transmits the deviation to the robot control system to control the robot to move the welding head to the correct position for welding.

Laser is the use of light energy, heat, electricity, chemical energy or nuclear energy and other external energy to stimulate the material, so that the occurrence of stimulated radiation generated by a special light. The laser is the stimulated radiation of light. Compared with ordinary light source, the characteristics of the green laser pointer are obvious, the direction is good (divergence angle is small), the searchlight is irradiated to the moon, the parallel searchlight 1 km when the spot diameter of 10 meters, the laser irradiation of the moon, spot diameter is about 2 km. High brightness, good color (color purity), good coherence, the speed of light transmission (3 × 108m / s) and so are the characteristics of the laser.

The peak power of the laser is large and can reach several hundred thousand megawatts because of its large energy can be used as laser cutting, laser medical, laser weapons. In addition, laser applications are laser ranging, laser gyro, laser processing. Laser medicine, the most simple application is the teeth, teeth when the sound, each patient are reluctant to listen, but if the laser to fill teeth, you can use the laser surface tartar, insect teeth part of the cut off, no sound. Laser processing, to make a rough part of the hair to do a gear, hair only 50 microns, in this to do a flat gear, the general mechanical means is not reach, can only use the laser.

Laser cutting machine brand differentiation is the purpose of the product's core strengths or personality differences into the brand, to meet the individual needs of the target customer. Successful high power laser cutting machine brand has a differentiated characteristics, different from the competitors, and then in a consistent form of the brand differences with the customer's psychological needs to connect, in this way the brand positioning information accurately communicated to Market, in the hearts of potential customers to occupy a favorable position. The purpose is to create and cultivate their own characteristics of the laser cutting machine products, distinctive personality, establish a unique market image, to distinguish it from competitors, effectively determine the product in the customer's position in the neutral position.

White Laser

Le 16 août 2017, 12:10 dans DIY 0

White laser has the advantages of having no traditional laser, and has been applied in many fields. White laser produced a variety of ways, many scientists on white laser technology research has been a strong interest.

Due to the laser generated laser restrictions, resulting in a good laser monochrome characteristics, but it has become a blue laser pointer in the field of application of the short board; laser can not produce any wavelength of the laser, can not produce supercontinuum, ultra-wideband laser The In the field of laser applications, people have different requirements for the frequency (or wavelength) of the laser, and this time with the help of nonlinear crystals. But many bands of laser still can not be created.

At present, nonlinear crystals can produce only a limited range of wavelength laser. The narrow range of the laser, relative to the broad spectrum of white laser, it can carry the energy and information is much smaller than the latter. Therefore, all the coherent, super continuous, ultra-wideband, covered with white spectrum of white laser scientists become the focus of the study. White laser research and development, will also bring the field of laser revolution to revolution and subversion.

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In real life, the most intuitive understanding of white light is red laser pointer display technology and lighting technology, they need to cover all the wavelengths of visible laser - white laser. In addition, according to the laser photon can carry energy and information this feature, white laser than the narrow wavelength range of monochromatic laser more advantages, can be used as optical communication and high power cutting alternative light source.

As the next generation of display technology, laser display is also subject to the scientific and technological community, the business community of common concern. Compared with the traditional display technology, laser display from the high brightness, clarity, color gamut, color saturation, life and other aspects have a leading edge, highly industrial prospects; many Chinese companies have set off a 300mw laser pointer TV hot, related products Has been listed. From the root, white light laser light source research and development, is the fundamental premise of white laser applications.

The laser has a high monochromaticity, and all the optical radiation emitted by the laser is concentrated in a narrower frequency range compared to an ordinary light source. Thus in accordance with common sense, white laser is impossible to issue. However, by adjusting the intensity ratio of red, green and blue tricolor laser, the three primary colors meet, resulting in a white most powerful laser, so that it is impossible to become possible. It can be said that the white laser is the composite light of the entire visible spectrum. At present, there are many ways to produce white laser, but its roots, most of them are inseparable from the traditional laser - red, green and blue three-color laser figure.

In addition to the above methods, photonic crystal fiber white light lasers can also produce high-power, broadband and ultra continuous white light lasers. Its white light laser is mainly used in the field of photocurrent microscopy, nano photonics, fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging, super-resolution imaging, optical coherence tomography and many other fields. The characteristics of traditional laser not with white light 100mw laser pointer, the shortcoming of traditional laser; change and development of white light laser source can bring more fields, and produce new scientific fields, as well as new applications; therefore, it will inevitably become the object of many scientists of the chase.

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