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Aidar Burning Laser Weapon System

Le 10 septembre 2016, 11:33 dans Humeurs 0

Aidar Burning Laser Weapon System

The Soviet Union also studied a burning laser weapon in Crimea - a project called Aidar. There was a 50 kW laser weapon deployed in the tanker, aimed at destroying the moving targets above water and air. In contrast, the United States Navy's 30 Kw laser weapon came out at 2014. But Soviet designers still could not solve an important problem: the efficiency of the laser beam.

Another powerful weapon - laser cannon

Star War Laser Pointer Most Powerful

However, this can not be thought as a failure - the 30000mw Laser connon should be used in the vacuum environment of the universe. And the water vapor has consumed most of the laser energy over the surface of Black Sea. It is not easy to launch these large laser device into space. Caused the loss of money in the 80s,the development of laser devices was hard to continue. In addition, the scientists also studied "rowing" and "jet" rail platforms. They intended to put them into space station to launch high orbit anti satellite missiles anti satellite lasers.

For the accumulation of experience, the scientists tested a carbon dioxide 300mw Green Laser weapon which power had come to 1 MW, it was installed in the modified A-60 IL -76 aircraft. However, this laser could only be allowed to be launched after an agreement made by Gorbachev and the United States.Finally,this laser was launched in May 15, 1987.

High powered laser weapon project

The only laser project left is Soviet A60 laser plane. The burning laser was mounted on the top of the door,which could work freely. The side of the fuselage is equipped with a turbine engine that provides energy for the laser cannon.

Laser project eventually thaw in 2009 for the first time. In addition to the space target, A-60 100mw Laser Pointer cannon can destroy aircraft and ballistic missile. In particular, under the anti missile system become common, the development of high powered laser weapons is particularly urgent.

Powerful ABL Burning Laser Weapon System

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Compared with the ABL, burning laser Weapon will encounter many technical difficulties, if the power density is unable to meet the demand, it is likely to face the fate of stillborn.The U.S. missile defense agency is continuing develop the technical high power laser weapons investment.In fiscal year 2019, the defense agency will select one of the most successful type, according to the proportion.It is reported that, if the deployment of laser weapons successfully, anti missile UAV Will take the boost phase missile task.At present, the directional director of the U.S. missile defense agency James Sunning said that the current UAV laser anti missile boost phase development problem is to improve the power to weight ratio, in order to make it stronger

20000mw 450nm Blue Laser Flashlight

The Ideal Power of Laser Weapons Is Still a Hard Work

.In 1962, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, physicist John Nuckolls proposed using high powered laser to achieve controllable nuclear fusion.Since then, the Lawrence Livermore laboratory has been pursuing this concept, the power of the laser they used were also growing. This is a complex system that can be issued at the same time. National ignition device is developed by the United States scientists, it was the world's largest laser nuclear fusion device. It is reported that this is known as "artificial sun" device which can produce similar stellar core temperature and pressure.

In industry, the 200mw Laser Pointer is used as a saw and a drill.People tend to use laser to machine high hardness materials, such as diamond, or baby pacifier.Low power lasers can be cut and welded plastic; high power lasers can cut and weld metal. Early industrial lasers must have very large figure in order to produce enough energy, but novel solid-state lasers are very small.A small size of laser can produce enough energy to cut a few centimeters thick sheet metal.

The second way is to use the laser continuous irradiation target of 10 to 15 seconds, so as to achieve the same damage effect. However, the weak intensity of the laser can be disturbed by atmospheric activities and weather conditions, and its intensity will gradually decay in the long distance transmission.

Another Problems Need to Be Solved For Laser

Xu Ning believes that 300mw Laser Pointer weapons' ideal power weight ratio should reach 2 to 5 kg / kW level.In contrast, chemical laser weapon "YAL-1A " laser can up to 55 kg / kW, the current synthetic fiber laser weapons and the prototype of DPAL level has reached 35 ~ 40 kg / kw.Zhang Yang believes that from the cold war to the present, the United States has invested a lot of resources development of laser technology, in this respect, they have been a leader of laser weapon in the world.The future of laser weapon power density ratio can achieve 5 kg / kW.


Different Kinds of Laser Weapon System

Le 12 août 2016, 14:06 dans Humeurs 0

A French company are now working on "targeting" point 1000mw Laser Pointer beam guiding system, the goal is to destroy the missilea ccurately with a laser beam within 10 microradians range, and not restricted by the speed of motion of a missile. Also, it is expected that French dret company will work with the German company together in gas lasers based on jointly developed "spiral" laser weapon system.

Pioneer of laser weapon

Pioneer of burning laser perhaps was Archimedes. The first science fiction mentioned laser weapons should be "the war of the worlds"which was published in 1889. In the book, aliens use a thermal beam weapons. Sounds pretty like today's laser.The first film mention of the laser is "the gold fingers". 007 tied on a platform and a burning laser walk cross his body.In short terms, a common flashlight light is composed of many different wavelengths, laser is a single wavelength, a single direction to send out a beam of electromagnetic waves.The principle of laser is quite complex, but basically give a kind of energy that can stimulate the laser, the electron in this kind of material will jump up a energy level. When the electrons fall back, they will send a specific wavelength . A lot of such substances are simultaneously launched, produce a single direction light beam.

Why there is not a laser gun now? In fact, it is a problem of "energy". There should always be a energy source for the powerful laser weapon.The laser is so strong that it can beat the plane down in the air.We know it will be realized one day, but within a short period of time it is limited to the energy produced and energy storage technology, 100mw Laser Pointer weapons can only exist in self energy generating capacity of large vehicles (airplane, ship).

Blue 10000mw Laser Pointer Pen 450nm

Awesome Soviet laser weapon

In 1987, a Soviet vessel attacked two U. S. military aircraft in Hawaii in the North Pacific Ocean with Attack Laser Pointer weapon. One is the Navy P-3C anti submarine aircraft, the other is the air force WC-135 aircraft. According to reports, the Soviet Union shipborne laser blind the piolet of WC-135 aircraft.

The research of laser weapon began in the early 70s and had made a great progress. 1980, according to the U.S. intelligence agencies collected intelligence, the development of the former Soviet Union high energy laser weapons program is huge, high energy laser weapon development capability has been close to the United States laser weapon. Mounted laser weapon in the ship is mainly used for short-range defense, according to reports, the Soviet Union million ton "Kirov" cruiser have been equipped with a DF chemical laser weapon, the weapon can destroyed 10 um sea skimming missile, and can be transmitted to the water to destroy submarine hull.

European countries have been organized a rule for developing a laser weapon. Its purpose is to ensure the European arms have a strong competitive power in the world market, and to reduce the dependence on the United States. At the same time, the European countries are prepared to cooperate in the field of 11 laser weapons technology.British used a small power laser attack Argentine low flying aircraft in 1982 during the Falklands conflict, due to the laser weapon can make glass cockpit covered with a layer of light. According to reports, this laser weapon can only be used as defense, the effective range of it is only 1.5 km.


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