Aidar Burning Laser Weapon System

The Soviet Union also studied a burning laser weapon in Crimea - a project called Aidar. There was a 50 kW laser weapon deployed in the tanker, aimed at destroying the moving targets above water and air. In contrast, the United States Navy's 30 Kw laser weapon came out at 2014. But Soviet designers still could not solve an important problem: the efficiency of the laser beam.

Another powerful weapon - laser cannon

Star War Laser Pointer Most Powerful

However, this can not be thought as a failure - the 30000mw Laser connon should be used in the vacuum environment of the universe. And the water vapor has consumed most of the laser energy over the surface of Black Sea. It is not easy to launch these large laser device into space. Caused the loss of money in the 80s,the development of laser devices was hard to continue. In addition, the scientists also studied "rowing" and "jet" rail platforms. They intended to put them into space station to launch high orbit anti satellite missiles anti satellite lasers.

For the accumulation of experience, the scientists tested a carbon dioxide 300mw Green Laser weapon which power had come to 1 MW, it was installed in the modified A-60 IL -76 aircraft. However, this laser could only be allowed to be launched after an agreement made by Gorbachev and the United States.Finally,this laser was launched in May 15, 1987.

High powered laser weapon project

The only laser project left is Soviet A60 laser plane. The burning laser was mounted on the top of the door,which could work freely. The side of the fuselage is equipped with a turbine engine that provides energy for the laser cannon.

Laser project eventually thaw in 2009 for the first time. In addition to the space target, A-60 100mw Laser Pointer cannon can destroy aircraft and ballistic missile. In particular, under the anti missile system become common, the development of high powered laser weapons is particularly urgent.