Author: Htpow

I love this burning laser !!! I was a little hesitant to get it because the title doesn't say laser pointer but trust me it is. The thing is so awesome and can point at the stars. You can see the beam in broad daylight and that is why I wanted to buy it. I got it for rock climbing so I can point out a hold to someone climbing without having to try to explain "see the little dark spot about a foot from your hand? no higher..." now i can just say "see the laser? grab that" I also love stars and my brother in law has a great telescope so when we go to the desert to look at stars I can just point them out without doing the same thing... "See the two bright ones..." the laser pointer also has a rechargeable battery which is really convenient because it is an odd sized battery and it came with a piece that scatters the beam. the weird thing is the directions say the laser can turn from green to red and have a picture of a laser but it must be a different one because mine cannot do that and mine does not look like the one in the picture.. despite that I am so happy with this item.

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This is by far the most powerful Laser Pointer I’ve ever used. The tag says 1000mw, but I wouldn’t say that’s true. You can see the green beam in the sky quite easily at night. During the day, you can also faintly see the beam reflecting off dust or vapor. Shining it in a dark room casts light over objects and is actually powerful enough to cast light onto objects around it. Like another reviewer has said, this is not going to pop balloons, start fires, or put holes in CD cases like you will see on Youtube.

Most Red Laser and green laser pointers used today operate at 1-5 milliwatts (mW) output power; they are Class 3a laser devices. The beams can be hazardous if viewed unless the eye exposure is momentary such as if a laser beam is accidentally directed rapidly across an audience. Possible optical hazards include startle effects, flash-blindness, glare, and after-images if a person is struck in the eye. Reports of those exposed include automobile drivers, airplane and helicopter pilots, sports figures, and the police. This is very dangerous since such exposures can cause serious accidents. Longer eye exposures can cause more permanent eye damage including retinal burns.

Do not view a laser beam through light-collecting optics such as binoculars and microscopes. 

Never intentionally direct a laser beam towards your eyes or the eyes of others. 

Purchase a 100mw Laser for use in training or meetings since the beam is not perceived to be as bright as the green beams at the same output power. Thus, the red-beam laser pointers are less likely to cause severe flash-blindness and after-images if eye exposures accidentally occur. 

The beamsplitter is cool. It screws onto the end where the beam comes out of course and once it is screwed on, you can continue twisting it to change the pattern. I have included pictures of some of the different patterns it creates. It moves smoothly between them and twists continuously. The patterns are very strong even at the edges and can actually cover quite a large amount of surface area.