European missile group developed a anti UAV laser weapon system, with 360 degree of defense capabilities, can destroy the target in a short time.

The powerful burning laser weapon system

In the air show in Berlin, Germany, the European missile group (MBDA) German company exhibited an anti UAV burning laser weapon system. The laser weapon has 360 degrees of defense, through the standard interface, can be deployed on land and water. Although it is anti UAV solutions, it can also be used to deal with rockets and mortar shells.MBDA has been committed to the research of laser effect, and has been in several trials demonstrated the ability to combat artillery shells, drones and other targets.

Laser weapons can be deployed to a dangerous area that requires close combat, such as military barracks and checkpoints, as well as convoy escort. In the Navy, the laser effect system can be used for the protection of the carrier or the port. MBDA's new type of 5000mw Laser effect is an important step towards a combat deployment system. MBDA has developed a system using standard interface, suitable for a variety of platforms, the advanced mirror can provide span 360 degrees rapid and stable tracking, and quickly war; war time is short, can deal with multi direction drone attacks and colony target; high precision, logistics and maintenance cost of the this is low, the effect can be extended.

Blue 10000mw Laser Pointer Pen 450nm

Associate with other laser weapon

According to the envisaged, the laser system can make "northwest wind" (Mistral) short-range missiles and Rhine metal company of MPCs turret combination of alternative laser systems based on the "stinger". This awesome Green 100mw Laser system can be easily installed on a variety of platforms, such as "fighter", in addition to providing quick response to air defense capabilities, but also to provide command and control and reconnaissance capabilities.

MBDA Germany company and Rheinmetall also suggested the system network deployed on integrated air defense system, such as with the tactical air defense system (TLVs) / medium extended air defense system seamless integration. Complete tactical air defense system is the first in the airshow public appearance, including emission increases the medium extended air defense system interceptor Daniel company Iris-T SL missile launcher Laser Sight .

MBDA is a jointly organized by Britain, France, Germany and Italy, the four countries advanced missile weapon system design manufacturers, more than 3000 pieces of the development and production of various types of missile weapon, a wide range of services in more than 90 countries and regions all over the world the defense forces.