Compared with the ABL, burning laser Weapon will encounter many technical difficulties, if the power density is unable to meet the demand, it is likely to face the fate of stillborn.The U.S. missile defense agency is continuing develop the technical high power laser weapons investment.In fiscal year 2019, the defense agency will select one of the most successful type, according to the proportion.It is reported that, if the deployment of laser weapons successfully, anti missile UAV Will take the boost phase missile task.At present, the directional director of the U.S. missile defense agency James Sunning said that the current UAV laser anti missile boost phase development problem is to improve the power to weight ratio, in order to make it stronger

20000mw 450nm Blue Laser Flashlight

The Ideal Power of Laser Weapons Is Still a Hard Work

.In 1962, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, physicist John Nuckolls proposed using high powered laser to achieve controllable nuclear fusion.Since then, the Lawrence Livermore laboratory has been pursuing this concept, the power of the laser they used were also growing. This is a complex system that can be issued at the same time. National ignition device is developed by the United States scientists, it was the world's largest laser nuclear fusion device. It is reported that this is known as "artificial sun" device which can produce similar stellar core temperature and pressure.

In industry, the 200mw Laser Pointer is used as a saw and a drill.People tend to use laser to machine high hardness materials, such as diamond, or baby pacifier.Low power lasers can be cut and welded plastic; high power lasers can cut and weld metal. Early industrial lasers must have very large figure in order to produce enough energy, but novel solid-state lasers are very small.A small size of laser can produce enough energy to cut a few centimeters thick sheet metal.

The second way is to use the laser continuous irradiation target of 10 to 15 seconds, so as to achieve the same damage effect. However, the weak intensity of the laser can be disturbed by atmospheric activities and weather conditions, and its intensity will gradually decay in the long distance transmission.

Another Problems Need to Be Solved For Laser

Xu Ning believes that 300mw Laser Pointer weapons' ideal power weight ratio should reach 2 to 5 kg / kW level.In contrast, chemical laser weapon "YAL-1A " laser can up to 55 kg / kW, the current synthetic fiber laser weapons and the prototype of DPAL level has reached 35 ~ 40 kg / kw.Zhang Yang believes that from the cold war to the present, the United States has invested a lot of resources development of laser technology, in this respect, they have been a leader of laser weapon in the world.The future of laser weapon power density ratio can achieve 5 kg / kW.